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The Griffiths

"The Griffiths have been performing dangerous magic on horseback for more than a century, but the death-defying family’s coolest stunt might be how they’ve kept their focus on living a normal life."


- Hal Espen (The Red Bulletin)


Tad Griffith has been performing since the age of 5. Widely considered the greatest trick rider in the world at his prime, he has performed in and/or directed over 30,000 live-shows. He made his way to Hollywood after doubling Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro. From there he mastered other forms of stunt-work, winning World Taurus Stunt Awards for his work in fire and driving sequences. Tad utilizes his massive breadth of experience to craft great stunts with top-notch safety.


Wendy Griffith manages the Griffith Ranch and orchestrates the sanity. She has committed her life to raising her 4 boys and the 100+ animals that love her for the treats she always has for them. Wendy's kindness and altruism leave an impression on anyone she comes in contact with.


Gattlin Griffith found success quick in the acting business, playing Angelina Jolie, Kevin Costner, and Kate Winslet's child before the age of 14. After several knee surgeries forced him off the field and into the classroom, he focused his attention on school, where he managed to get into the nation's #1 public school, UCLA. There, he studied English and Film and is pursuing a career in writing and directing.


Callder Griffith has been on sets since the age of 7, acting and performing stunts. He is currently a student at UCSB where he is studying Communications. Callder plans on pursuing a career in stunts, as well as directing with his brother, Gattlin. 


Arrden Griffith, whom you may recognize as "Dirt Boy" in New Girl, has been performing stunts since he was a child. He has been on top of horses since he was a kid, performing on America's Got Talent when he was twelve.


Garrison Griffith, the youngest of the 4 boys, made his debut trick riding performance when he was 5 at the Fort Worth Stock Show. He has appeared in numerous commercials, as well as a short filmwith over 7.8 million views.  


We have a deep, rich history, encompassing 4 generations and spanning more than 100 years.  

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