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  • Where are the courses held?
    Our courses are held at our ranch in Agua Dulce, CA, about 30 minutes north from Los Angeles.
  • Can I film during class?
    Safety is our top priority and complete focus on the course is needed while learning. While we don’t allow filming oneself during the course, we do offer access to clips of you riding after the course is completed for an additional fee.
  • If I’m coming from out of town, where should I stay?
    We recommend staying in Santa Clarita. Depending on where you’re staying, you can be as close as 20 minutes from our ranch.
  • What are the prerequisites for taking the course? Do I need to have ridden before?
    There are no prerequisites for taking our Level 1 course. Our course is open to people that want to learn how to ride for screen, regardless of whether you are a beginner, novice, or expert.
  • What can I hope to gain from taking this course?
    Our course is focused on teaching actors and stunt persons how to safely perform with horses on camera. We are focused on many facets of this craft, including typical scenarios such as how to mount and dismount properly, management of reigns, positioning on a horse, positioning for camera, riding with and without weapons, how to humanely work with your horse, an introduction to tack and how to inspect it for your own safety, and teaching you safe, unique workarounds if troubles arise while working with horses on set.
  • Is our course tax deductible?
    Our course qualifies as a training and education expense. We recommend that you check with your CPA about whether a tax deduction is available to you.
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